Flipkey Apartment Rental In Barcelona

Part of my apartment rental was paid for by Flipkey which is cool, right? But this post is all me!



Two weeks ago I was in Barcelona with my lovely cousin Alexis. It was her first time abroad and I wanted to make her stay extra special and thankfully this apartment rental helped with that. We were in Barcelona for 7 days and spent 4 nights in this rental and 3 days in a hotel in a different part of the city (I’ll tell you about that fab hotel in a later post). I rented a 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment in a lovely neighborhood.

Now full disclosure, this apartment wasn’t the original one I wanted. The one I booked became unavailable because the owner decided to sell his property. I booked my apartment on Flipkey.com but in Barcelona I dealt with a local company. They  found me another apartment and honored the original price I was quoted. So I ended up getting a much bigger apartment for the price I was going to pay for a smaller one. My bedroom was huge, had tons of windows, a master bathroom with a big tub and a walk-in closet.



This is part of the view from our balcony. Every morning we could look down and see Barcelona locals going about their business. We would have our breakfast on the balcony and enjoy the views.



That’s my cousin Alexis chillin’ out in the living room. We also had a kitchen, a washing machine, and everything you can think of in a fully stocked apartment.


If you decide to book an apartment on Flipkey you may get an agency that calls you back. Many of their apartments are managed by local companies but my experience was pretty seamless as they handled everything in a timely and professional manner.  When we arrived the owner of the apartment met us and let us drop off our carry-on bags before check-in.

When we arrived later on for check-in he was very nice, took time to sit and chat with us and gave us all the info we needed about the neighborhood. There was a store down the street, we weren’t far from Paseo de Gracia (a major street that is incredibly beautiful) and explained things about the apartment. The personal touch of him meeting us was wonderful.


When we checked in I asked my cousin, “This puts me at the top of the list as you favorite cousin, right?” and she said, “Oh yeah, at the very top.” Thank you Flipkey for making me look cool in my cousin’s eyes!

 Have you ever rented an apartment while traveling?

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  1. I’ve only used homeaway and OVH360 when renting homes in Orlando. I’ve been wanting to go to Jamaica and somewhere in Europe and these apartment rentals seem to be a great alternative to hotel stays. I don’t have money like that. Especially when I travel solo. I will definitely give it a look.

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