Graffiti In Nice, France

by Roni

When I was in Nice this past summer we took a train to Monaco. I realized I haven’t told you about Monaco yet so I’ll be doing that pretty soon. Anyway, I snapped these two pics when I was on the train, these were the walls of one of the train stations heading to Monaco.  I love graffiti, I like to think of it as street art because it’s so beautiful to me.

What do you think of graffiti/street art? Is it art to you or just noisy paint?


I’m participating in NaBloProMo, are you? Day 8 done!

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Grace Hopkins January 24, 2020 - 2:52 pm

Hi there! I will be traveling to Nice and Monaco this March and was wondering if you could tell me where there are some places to go see street art?

Thank you!