Tiny House In Austin, Texas


Have you ever stayed in a tiny house? Or maybe I should back up and ask…have you heard of a tiny house? It’s a new way many Americans (and people around the world) are choosing to live. Instead of getting a big house with a big mortgage people are opting for much smaller spaces.  This one I stayed in was 120 square feet so it was really tiny but I had almost everything I needed. And I have to apologize you guys because I thought I had better pics. I’ll do better next time, I promise.


 When I walked in the bathroom was to the left and the kitchen/living room/dining room area was directly in front of me. The kitchen had a sink (the only sink in the house), a coffee maker and a hot plate.  They also supplied cups, towels and a few dishes. I didn’t cook as I was only there for 2 nights and I wanted to eat my way around Austin (which I did and boy oh boy…).

I slept in the loft above which was comfortable although it was a bit awkward climbing up and down the ladder. I’m 5’8 so I had to tilt my head a bit to get into bed but once I was up there I was cozy. There was also a window at the foot of the bed which let light and fresh air come through.


The kitchen also had a very small refrigerator but there wasn’t much room to actually prepare food so if that’s important to you be sure to ask how much counter space there is.  As I mentioned before there was also only one sink in this unit which meant after I used the restroom I had to wash my hands in the kitchen sink.



It was very chilly in Austin and the unit didn’t have central heating but they did provide a portable heater which heated the space up nicely.


When you stay in a tiny home ask how long you will get hot water in the shower. I had less than 5 minutes of hot water so my showers were super quick. However, the water was extremely hot while it lasted.


Would I stay in a tiny home again? Absolutely. I decided I’m going to have a series called “Tiny Homes” and at least once a month in 2016 I’m going to stay in different tiny homes around the country (and maybe in different countries as well) to show you what is possible in this new way of living. Would I stay in this tiny home again? Probably not. It was fine for the 3 nights I was there and I was really close to downtown Austin (I rented a car) but the awkwardness of getting up and down the ladder combined with not having a sink in the bathroom would prevent me from renting here again.


Have you stayed in a tiny home? Would you?


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