Treasury Chests From India And Sri Lanka


Introducing Travel Guru Treasury Chest!


Here’s how it works:

 You can choose from four price points

  • $25

  • $50

  • $75

  • $100


You choose what your category of goodies your box contains but its contents will be a surprise. You can choose from the following categories:

A. Jewelry

B. Shawls/Fabric

C. Tea

D. Textiles

E. Arts & Crafts


These categories cover an array of items so there is no way I can tell you exactly what will be in them, it will be a lovely surprise for you!

Please know I will choose beautiful things for you no matter your price point.

Send payment to and make sure to specify which category you’d like in your treasury chest.  You can combine up to 3 categories per box.

*deadline for orders and payment is February 28th* 


Any questions? Please ask in the comments!


*shipping is included*

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