VRBO Apartment Rental – Quito, Ecuador

by Roni

This is an oldie but still goodie! I’m in England at the moment enjoying time with my family. I wrote this a while ago but the info is still valid and I hope you find it helpful!

I went to Ecuador with my friend Kristine (that’s us below!) I think we look like a Benetton ad (remember those?) By the way, you like my hair in this pic? It’s a wig. I loved it!


 We rented an apartment through VRBO in Quito and it was lovely.  What made it even better were the people that we were renting from.  They were so accommodating and kind, and anything that wasn’t right they immediately corrected.

The one thing I learned from this apartment rental was to make sure to ask if the apartment in the pictures on the website is the same apartment I would be staying in. There was a slight mix-up with this apartment and we didn’t end up getting what we were told but the hospitality of the landlords completely made up for it.

I had to go and buy a couple of pillows for the both of us because the ones provided were very hard. It wasn’t expensive at all so I didn’t mind. The pics below are of the apartment and the last one is the view from my bedroom.






Have you ever rented an apartment when you vacation? 



I’m saying goodbye until Monday, but I will be posting pics, tips, and travel facts over the weekend on my FB Fan Page so if you haven’t already, come and join me over there, ok? Have a great weekend and I’ll be back with you on Monday!

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