Carson Mansion In Eureka, California

 Have you ever heard of Eureka, California? Well, there really isn’t much there. No offense to anyone living in Eureka but there didn’t seem to be much going on.  This was one of my stops when I was still working as a Tour Manager and I never got tired of looking at these beautiful mansions. Eureka is home to the Carson Mansion which is a masterpiece of victorian architecture. Construction started in 1884 and took one hundred men over two years to built. Since 1950 it has been a private men’s club, called The Ignomar Club.

carson mansion in eureka, california

The pink house directly across the street was built for his daughter, it’s called the Pink Lady but is no longer a private residence.

Eureka is one of those cities that you drive through when you are heading somewhere else (again, no offense to anyone from there but I’m telling the truth). But if you ever find yourself in Eureka, you should stop and look at The Carson Mansion. You can’t go inside but you can still get some great shots from the street.


Where have you seen a Victorian home? Where was it?


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