Traveling To America? Here Is A Hotel You May Not Have Heard About

I have clientele outside of the US and they plan on traveling to America but had no idea where they could stay that was reasonably priced and clean. So I told them about the following hotel and they were thrilled so I thought that those of you traveling from other countries, (or any of you for that matter), may be interested in knowing about Extended Stay Hotels.

Extended Stay Hotels

These hotels are a part of a chain and they have locations from one coast to the other, with a few locations in Canada. The prices range from $50 and up for a family of four. And in these hotels kids stay free which is a great incentive for family travel.

The rooms have fully equipped kitchens which includes a full sized refrigerator, microwave oven, stovetop, toaster, coffee maker, cooking utensils, dishes, and cutlery. However, please read my post about housekeeping and check out the housekeepers response in the comments and follow her directions regarding your kitchen.

The only thing about these hotels that you should know is that they are normally not in the center of town, so don’t expect to find one of these in Times Square in NYC or in Downtown Los Angeles. They are usually located in the suburbs, about 10 miles or more from the city center. But since public transportation in most American cities isn’t the best, you are probably going to rent a car anyway so it doesn’t really matter if you aren’t right in the heart of the city.

Some of their hotels have cribs and adjoining rooms but you would need to contact the hotel directly in order to verify that. You can cancel your reservation up until 6pm of the time zone your hotel is in and there is no cancellation fee, according to their customer service line.

If you decide to stay at an Extended Hotel, please drop me an email and let me know how you and your family/friends enjoyed your stay.


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