Two Hotel Lobbies And A Bathroom In Las Vegas

I was in Las Vegas last week and I went to a few of the different hotels just to check out the lobby because they are always so pretty. Las Vegas is such a lavish place and the hotels spare no expense to show you how much money they have.


The two pictures below or of the lobby and women’s bathroom at Paris Las Vegas. I don’t recall seeing that many chandeliers in a hotel lobby before.  And the bathroom isn’t my style, but I thought it was so pretty with all of the gold throughout the pedal sinks.

Things to see in Las Vegas

Things to see in Las Vegas

The next three pictures are of the lobby at The Bellagio Hotel.

Things to see in Las Vegas

This is what you are looking at when you are checking in at Bellagio. I have never seen such a huge area behind a check-in counter before.

If you want to sit and people watch, you can do it underneath a sky of butterflies.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Is there a certain part of hotels you always like to see?

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