6 Great Summer Vacation Spots & Events In The U.S.

This is a guest post by Ashely Cooper, a freelance writer and frequent traveler who enjoys shopping and photography.

Summer is falling into full swing, and for many of us that means it’s almost time to take off on relaxing and entertaining vacations. And, while it’s often tempting to head to the nearest lake or ocean to enjoy summer heat and have a swim with friends or family, there are numerous irresistible attractions and activities all over the country that are ideal to check out during the summer months. So with that in mind, here are 6 of the best summer events, attractions and getaways in the United States.


There are dozens of large music festivals throughout the States during the summer, but none have quite the following or intrigue of Lollapalooza. Held in Chicago’s Grant Park, Lollapalooza tends to feature one of the more diverse lineups of musical acts, with this year’s total number of artists topping 130! Throw in the enthusiastic but not unruly crowds, and the fine weather and dining of a Chicago summer, and Lollapalooza can make for a great trip.

California Wine Festival

This enormous wine festival held annually in Santa Barbara is designed to provide all of the best aspects of wine tastings on a grand scale, and all in one place. Endless wine variety, gourmet food, happy crowds and a delightful summer environment by the sea make for an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable festival experience.

South Beach (Miami)

If you’re just looking for a fun place to go for a few days without a specific event, consider South Beach. During the summer, South Beach is constantly buzzing with activity as people enjoy the beaches, restaurants, luxury hotels, shopping strips, and renowned nightlife of Miami. You won’t need tickets to a specific event or festival, but South Beach is an event in and of itself.

U.S. Open Tennis

For sports fans in the U.S., the summer is often a bit of a lull. There are always baseball games to attend, but with basketball and hockey done, football not quite starting, and baseball still months from the postseason, there’s not a ton going on. This is a great reason to check out the tennis U.S. Open in New York City in August. The event lasts for two weeks, and offers a variety of ticket packages, so it’s easy to check out if you’re just curious.

Summer In Vegas

It’s nice to be outside in Las Vegas, so summer is a great time to visit. Spend the day at one of the resorts’ party pools, and head to a show like Zarkana at ARIA at night to cool off and enjoy a breathtaking performance. There’s never a shortage of activity in Vegas, and summer is an ideal time to take it all in.

Scuba In Hawaii

If you’re looking to scuba dive within the United States, Hawaii is probably the way to go. From beautiful reefs, to calm clear waters, and even certain diving locations in Oahu with shipwrecks, there’s plenty to see for the casual diver.


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