Travel To India: 5 Crucial Tips To Help You Travel Well


A few years ago I spent 2 weeks in India and Sri Lanka. India wasn’t a country I wanted to explore on my own so when the opportunity arose to go with Nomadness Travel Tribe I jumped at the chance! What is Nomadness? In short, one of the most amazing travel groups in existence with almost 10,000 members (almost all people of color) from all over the world. I didn’t have to plan a thing, everything was taken care of by Evita (read her study abroad feature here) and all I had to do was show up.

Here are 5 crucial tips you need to travel to India


This is the most important thing to do before you leave as you will not be let into the country without your visa. Start this process as soon as you start planning because sometimes this process can take a while and you need time to allow for any changes that need to be made on your application.


I always recommend getting local currency before you enter the country, no matter where you are traveling. ATM’s are plentiful in India but it’s always good to have local currency on you as you never know when you may need cash. I get my currency from my local AAA office but you can ask your local bank or look into Capital One 360 as I’ve heard they are cool to bank with and don’t charge any fees for withdrawing cash.


You can buy clothes very inexpensively in India. You can actually get clothes made very cheaply and many hotels can do your laundry for a very reasonable cost. I had a pair of pants and a sweatshirt washed for less than $3 and I was staying in a very nice hotel (which normally are really expensive to wash clothes in other countries). You can pack lightly and get your clothes washed which will make it very easy to only take a carry-on bag.


I would not recommend traveling to India without the recommended shots. There are many people that go the natural route when it comes to meds and that’s a personal choice but I recommend getting your shots several weeks before you travel and also getting a prescription for CIPRO or Zithromax in case you have belly issues while you are there.


I was surprised that so many people would take dollars. I tipped several people in dollars and they were very happy with that. The next time I go to India I will take about $100 in 1 and 5 dollar bills to give out.  Also, kids loved getting candy so bring little packs of candy to give out if you don’t feel comfortable giving out money to the children who will definitely come up to you with their hands out.


Is India a country you are interested in visiting? Have you been? 

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  1. Great tips. I haven’t been yet, but it is high on the list. I have friends there and my grandfather was from India. So I want to immerse myself into that side of my lineage. Awesome to know they take $1 bills. Good call on medication for the “dheli belly” I have a sensitive stomach.

    1. I was trying to stay are far away from “Delhi Belly” as possible. It’s real and not pleasant. How wonderful about your heritage!

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