Pike Place Market In Black And White – Seattle, Washington


Just a few black and white pics for you to enjoy. I took these as the market was closing and they were cleaning up. Every vendor has to pack everything up daily and they aren’t always in the same spot everyday. I learned this the hard way because the first day in town I saw something I wanted to get from my nephew but didn’t want to get it right then and there so I figured I’d come back the next day and buy it. When I returned the next day the vendor wasn’t there. I asked someone and I was told that vendors don’t always come to the market daily and when they do get there they are very rarely in the same place. So, if you are in Seattle and go to Pike Place and see something you want to buy, get it the first time you see it, don’t wait. You may not get a second chance.









Have you been to Seattle? Did you make it to Pike Place?


Have a great weekend and I’ll be back with another post for you on Monday!

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