Fun Things To Do In Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I was having dinner with some friends at Sweet Potatoes (I’ll be telling you about that later) which I thought was the only fun thing to do in Winston-Salem.  Trade street was blocked off so I had to park around the corner and as I was walking into the restaurant I saw a few people milling about and heard some music down the street.  As we were eating we were told there was a jazz band that would be performing in a little while so of course you know I was happy about that because I immediately thought, “I can blog about it!” Because who would ever think you could find a live FREE jazz concert in downtown Winston Salem?

Every saturday night until September there will be live music at the intersection of Sixth and Trade in downtown Winston-Salem. You don’t have to bring a chair but it’s very hot and you may get tired of standing.   As you can see from the pictures, the event draws hundreds of people so if you want to bring a chair and enjoy the ambiance you need to get there WAY before the band starts.

There are several different vendors where you can buy drinks.

The band was really good. Sometimes you can hear live music and it doesn’t sound that appealing but these guys had me groovin’ (but not too much cause my hair was straight and you know I didn’t want the sweat to make my hair revert).

I was listening to the band when I saw the people who was sitting in these chairs get up and walk away. Can you believe they left purses in their chairs? And they were gone for several minutes! I couldn’t believe it. Gotta love small towns in the south.


I thought this woman dancing with her daughter was sweet.

As I said, it was REALLY HOT. It was about 9pm and I was sweating like crazy. On top of that I had my hair straightened and I sweat in my head so as you can guess the last thing I wanted to do was get too hot. Thankfully I stopped by this vendor and was able to cool down a bit.

Winston Salem is about an hour from Charlotte so if you are in the area, why not drive to Winston-Salem and enjoy free music? What a lovely way to spend an evening, don’t you think?

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