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From Phone 198

Have you heard of Twin Peaks? (Oh the jokes I could make…).   “free things to do in san francisco”

One excellent option for free things to in San Francisco is Twin Peaks. They are actually two peaks in San Francisco where you can get crazy views (180 degree!) of the city.   Twin Peaks is one of those places that people who live in the Bay Area very rarely visit but it really is a fantastic way to see the city.

There is a parking lot and there is one way in and one way out. There are often tour buses visiting throughout the day so keep that in mind when you make your plans. There is a paved viewing area for you to enjoy the vista so the buses won’t get in your way.

Check out the video below which give you a great perspective of Twin Peaks.

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This is one of San Francisco’s best points of interest but you can’t get to Twin Peaks by public transport. It’s at the top of a very steep, curvy hill so you would need to either be on a tour, have a car or be riding a bike (which some do but the streets are curvy and there are no bike lanes).

Sometimes in San Francisco it can be pretty foggy because it’s almost completely surrounded by water but when you can get it on a clear day you can see for miles!  Can you see The Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge in the distance?

You can enjoy the views from Twin Peaks from sunrise to sunset and there are restrooms but I would suggest skipping those and make sure your bladder is empty before you get there.

It’s also very windy up there so bring a sweater or a jacket if you tend to get cold. I took these pics with my cell phone, what do you think?

From Phone 199

From Phone 197

Have you been to San Francisco? Have you seen any great views lately? 


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