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I am often asked how I only take a carry-on so I’m showing you what to pack for an overnight trip. For instance, when I had an overnight trip in Houston I only took a very small Travelon carry-on bag. I’ve had that bag for about 7 years and I love it! Of course I used my packing cubes which always makes everything easier!


what to pack overnight

In it I packed the following:

  1. sleepwear
  2. undies
  3. showercap
  4. house slippers
  5. shirt
  6. toiletries

That’s it. There was no need to pack anything else because I had everything I needed. I wore a sweater and had a scarf in case I got chilly, I took an extra shirt to wear the next day, I re-wore my jeans and wore the same necklace (the necklace matched both shirts). I love the silver flats because they are comfortable and they can dress up jeans without trying too hard.

What would be nice is if I had a picture of what I was wearing but since I was traveling alone and didn’t think to ask anyone to take my picture, you have to trust me when I say I was cute. Hahaha…

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I like to be stylish and cute when I travel but I don’t like to spend lots of money doing it. Here are the links for the shirt, the purse (I do get a small percentage from Amazon if you buy these items).

Do you pack more when you travel for a couple of days? 


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