Train Travel In Johannesburg


Are you traveling to Johannesburg? Whether you are arriving or departing from the airport or want to travel around town, the Gautrain is a great option. It’s clean, safe and best of all ridiculously cheap.  It’s actually a wonderful way to get to or from the airport (click here to take you to their site).


The stations are well lit and completely modern. Make sure you keep your ticket until the end of your journey as you need it to exit.


You don’t have to wait long for your train and you can get to Pretoria (another big city in South Africa) with ease. There aren’t tons of lines and stops but there are enough to get you around the city.


I loved how clean the train was and no one was eating. I also didn’t see any graffiti anywhere in the station and no one was being loud and obnoxious.


Do you ride public transportation when you travel? 

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