Bojo Beach In Accra, Ghana


bojo beach

Bojo Beach 

One of the things I loved most about Ghana was the beach. The beaches in Accra were amazing and the water was so clean and warm! These pictures are from Bojo Beach which is about 30 minutes outside of Accra and definitely worth a visit. You have to pay to enter and you can stay all day.

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In order to get to the beach you have to cross over a bridge and take a boat. The boat has no motor, a Ghanian man will take you across. Please give him a tip as his job is a strenuous one and it’s very hot in Ghana.

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I was in Ghana with my mom, she’s a great traveling companion. We laugh  tons and she’s always cracking jokes.

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There is a place to get something to eat and drink while you are there but no place to get towels, you need to bring those yourself. Make sure to pack your sunscreen because the sun is extremely strong.

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Do you notice how clean the beach is? It’s extremely well kept and it was a pleasure to spend time there. Most people probably don’t think of fabulous beaches when they think of Ghana but the coast of Ghana is filled with lovely beaches. Did you know there were phenomenal beaches in Ghana?
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  1. I don’t tend to think of beaches when I think of Ghana, but you’re right, the beach looks wonderful, and so clean. I love warm water, so sounds like I would enjoy this one. It’s great that you were able to go with your mother too, love it.

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