We Almost Got Hustled In Morocco!

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Yep, we Almost got hustled in Morocco. My cousin Alexis and I were drinking some fresh squeezed orange juice when the woman above came up to me and said, “Come on and sit down in the shade. It’s hot!” I told her we didn’t need to but she insisted.

Fine.  So we sit.

As we are sitting we start chit chatting a bit about how much we are enjoying our visit and she asked if we wanted henna. We both declined but Alexis was right near the woman below and before we knew it the lady  grabbed Alexis’ hand and the  started doing her henna. Alexis tried to pull it away but the lady was strong and she had the design below started in like 5 seconds. I kept telling the lady to stop but both women wouldn’t listen. 


I told the woman I was sitting next to that we did not want henna but I was also laughing because the henna lady was so serious and holding Alexis’ hand so tight all we could do was laugh. The speed in which she grabbed her hand and started designing was incredible! My cousin and I were stunned and Alexis kept looking at me like, “How in the world did this happen?!?!” 




Alexis is such a sweet girl and she didn’t want to be rude. I kept telling her to just snatch her hand away but she said it was ok and the design was pretty. The lady kept telling us, “It’s ok it’s ok, the henna is pretty. Just enjoy!”

I knew where this was going and I knew I wasn’t paying tons. I mean, the henna was beautiful and Alexis was happy with it so I didn’t mind giving something but I was NOT paying a bunch, especially since we didn’t ask for a design.

When the henna was finished she said, “Ok give me $40.” I LITERALLY started laughing and I told her I wasn’t going to pay anything. We went back and forth a bit and she started getting mad at me because I wasn’t budging on the price. I think I may have given her $5. She was madder than a wet hen and started calling us all kinds of names but I said, “We did not ask you to do that and we told you to stop several times.” And we walked away.

Please don’t ever feel obligated to pay an exorbitant amount for anything, especially if it wasn’t something you wanted in the first place. Do not be intimidated by someone yelling at you. Stay calm and stand your ground.


What would you have done? 

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  1. I would have taken my hand back. I have real issues with people doing unauthorized things to my body/ skin.

    You handled it very well!

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