Soweto Theatre


Did you know there was a theatre in Soweto? The theatre is phenomenal and brings talent in from all over the country and the continent. This theatre is so modern!  This is more of a pictorial post as I can’t really add much to these pics. Just remember this is in Soweto, the same part of Johannesburg that the media only seems to show the slum parts. Soweto is like many areas that is filled with variety (did you know there is a wine bar in Soweto?) and I’m happy to show you the beauty of this neighborhood.








Did I tell you I used my self-timer on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to take my outfit of the day posts? These two pics were taken inside of the theatre and I played around with edits. What do you think? The dress is  Ava viv by Target. 


Did you know there was a theater in Soweto? 

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