Stay Away From Africa!

Picture taken in South Africa by yours truly!

There is a trend I’m noticing that is really irritating me and if you are doing it I want you to stop. 




I’ve heard and read about several people talking about going to Africa so they can help all the poor poor people. You know, because Africa is filled with people that need your help. 



Thousands of people break their neck to get to Africa to “help” but won’t volunteer at their local shelter and will literally step over a homeless person on their way to get their morning coffee. 


Why is Africa the first place you think of when you think of helping? Do you know Africa is a huge continent with dozens of countries that each have their own beautiful scenery? They have 5 star hotels, top-notch restaurants and beaches prettier than you’ve ever seen. 



I’ve written about Ghana, Morocco, South Africa and I’ve been to Senegal and Egypt and I’ve had 5 star experiences in every country. I’ve had massages, decadent meals, glorious sunsets and stayed in dazzling hotels in every country I’ve been in. Of course there is poverty but there is poverty EVERYWHERE. So why do you feel the need to travel to Africa and highlight the poverty when poverty isn’t the best thing about the continent? 




I really want you to think about WHY you automatically gravitate towards Africa when your need to do charity work kicks in. 


There are several other continents you could travel to and I’m guessing that where ever you live in the world there are homeless shelters, building projects, and many other things you can do when you feel the overwhelming need to help. Going somewhere locally is less expensive and you can still help those that need it, right? So what’s wrong with helping out in your own country? 





So am I against helping out? Of course not. Help is welcomed. But please think about this:

1. Why is Africa your first choice for your service projects? Do Black lives not matter in your country? 

2. Why are you so quick to post your pics of your good deeds on social media? 

3. Do you realize that posting your pictures of poverty and only highlighting the poor further perpetuates the stereotype that Africa is filled with people incapable of helping themselves? 


Africa is a thriving continent filled with millions of people doing extremely well so please stop only telling one side of the African story. Is there poverty? Of course. There is poverty everywhere. The beauty and elegance found in Africa far outweighs the poverty we are constantly bombarded with and I’m tired of it and I want you to stop participating in it.

Please stop and think about your actions, ok? 



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  1. Great post! Its always interesting to me when people send funds or time to help people in other places yet refuse to help those in their own community, neighbors who might be in need etc. Anyways, love your blog and seeing all the beautiful things you see when you travel everywhere!

    1. Thank you! It’s always amazing to me that people rush to get to Africa yet won’t help out in the own country. It’s bizarre to me.

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