The Biggest Beauty mistake people make while travelling

*while I’m in India and Sri Lanka some wonderful bloggers agreed to guest post for me. Today it’s Adeola, can you show her some love in the comments?*




We are aware of how change of environment is risky to our health, which is why most of us get vaccinated before travelling abroad.

What if I tell you that is just a little part of the solution and that the solution is right in your hands?

The horrendous habit of facing touching, it is the sneaky little mistake we all make even if not travelling.

When you are in a foreigner place, going to bazaars, touch so many art pieces, shaking hands, clothing materials, the elevator button, the ATM machine and the list goes on and on.

Your hand becomes the home so many bacteria and microorganism you definitely do not want on your face or anywhere in your body for that matter.

So how do we keep our hands away from going right up to our face?

I use a little psychological trick for this beauty faux pas.

So every time my hands are just about to touch my face, I imagine that I am sticking my face in a plate filled with disgusting mould and terrible microorganism.

Yes it is an unorthodox method but it will save you from skin reactions, acne, or some serious outburst and that make you look flawless while exploring your destination.

This post is also for me, I keep fighting with my hands, it is frustrating.

Happy travelling and I hope you keep your hands to your sides.




Who is Adeola Naomi?


A Nigerian/Greek ambitious and passionate multifaceted human child of God.

Multilingual Speech pathologist, my native languages are English, Yoruba and Greek. A yogi in the making, An athlete, a radio producer, a fashion stylist and photographer in the making.  I am an endurance runner of 400,800 and 1500 currently competing in Germany as a member of the LG Stadtwerke Munchen team.

A passionate traveller and world citizen. Lived in Nigeria, Niger Republic, United Kingdom, Greece and Germany, currently based in Athens Greece.

I have travelled across World and still got a long list of places to be.

I am a blogger by passion.



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