7 Clever Tips On How To Share A Hotel Room Like A Pro

Do you know how to share a hotel room? Do you think you’re a good roommate? There are simple things that you can do to make sure you are being as kind and respectful to your friend and help keep your trip tons of fun!

How To Share A Hotel Room

The person who made the reservations/did the work gets the better bed

  • Don’t you agree? If the person who did all the work to make the stay possible, shouldn’t they get the best choice of a bed? Please don’t be the person who takes the best and you put in the least amount of work.

Put your phone on silent when it’s bedtime. 

  • This is a common courtesy. If you are sharing are room with someone, they don’t want to be waken up by the constant ding of your messages. Please be considerate and turn your volume off (this doesn’t mean vibrate. Have you heard how loud electronics vibrate on a side table?)

Turn your phone brightness down when going to bed.

  • What if you are up and want to play on your phone or watch a movie? Of course you have that right but in a dark room the brightness from the phone can disturb others so decrease the brightness so as not to disturb your roommate.
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Wipe the bathroom floor when done showering

  • Almost nothing worse (ok, that’s being dramatic but you get the point) than stepping in someone else’s puddle from the shower. Gross. Please wipe up the bathroom floor when you get out of the shower and if your room has a bath mat, please use it. Also, hang up your towel and don’t leave it lying on the floor as that is really rude and inconsiderate.

Let what you do in the bathroom be a mystery

  • Listen. We all have to take care of our bathroom issues and that’s normal but what isn’t normal is someone coming in after you and having to take a huge breath so they don’t inhale your funk. Don’t do that to your friends! I swear by Poo-Pourri ( get yours here) it’s just the best (and they have hilarious commercials as well). If you don’t have Poo-Pourri, then some good old fashioned matches also do the trick. But light multiple matches and not just one cause truly, no one wants to smell your..um…deposits.

Bring earplugs

  • What if you are rooming with someone who is noisy? Sometimes people have no idea how much noise they make and how it affects others so keep your sanity and get some earplugs. They go right in your ear canal and block out tons of noise. (Amazon has some, why not grab yours here?)

Bring an eye mask 

  • If your roommate refuses to dim their screen or is one of those people that like the drapes to let all of every bit of sunshine in the room, you will be happy you have an eye mask (get yours here)


What tips would you add? 

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