Top 5 Ways to Stay Fit And Healthy While Traveling!


Hello fellow Travelers! I am Nadeen-a Travel and Lifestyle Blogger from The Sophisticated Life! I am thrilled to be guest posting on The Travel Guru! This website is such a useful resource for Travel Information.

When traveling there are many ways to stay fit & healthy while still enjoying your vacation! As a frequent traveler and travel blogger I have become creative with ways to avoid weight gain and feel sluggish while on the road. Here are my top 5 ways to stay fit & healthy while traveling!

1) Eating.

I know making healthy choices while traveling is easier said than done. If you are like me while traveling you like to try all the foods of that country and culture which may mean pizza in Italy or Crepes in France and Macadamia Nut chocolates & ice cream in Hawaii! Moderation is key! Trying different foods is very different than eating a whole bag of beignets in New Orleans. I also suggest the method I use at many Food Festivals I attend. I try the food or dessert or drink. If after 1 or 2 bites or sips I don’t like it-I do not eat or drink it.  It is not worth the calories if you are not enjoying it. I really do ask myself often “Is this worth the calories?” If you don’t feel like it is, save your calories for something more decadent that you will truly enjoy. I remember celebrity Chef Gia de Laurentiis being asked once how she stays so slim with cooking and eating so many foods including desserts. She mentioned her 3 bite rule. For desserts, even if she absolutely loves it, she eats 3 bites savoring each one and then she is done!

2) Exercising.

One of the best ways to see any major city around the World is walking or bike riding. You can rent bikes, rollerblades or bikes and tour the area on your own or arrange walking and biking tours. I will often park in a central location then walk around a city. Research walking, running and biking paths in your location. Go hiking! I did this while in Los Angeles last year at Runyon Canyon and it was exhilarating! I felt good getting in exercise and also enjoying scenic LA views. The best part? I did not feel as guilty about all the delicious food I had been eating!

If you are in a city such as Paris or Washington DC the subway systems are easy to use and you can walk around various neighborhoods from each stop. I often joke about the fact that Paris is the only place in which I lost weight while on vacation from all the walking! Beach towns such as Santa Monica and Venice have bike paths with multiple bike rental locations. It is fun to ride, stop and sightsee along the way. If you decide to take tourist buses or trolleys with multiple stops, get off at one then walk to the other.

Hotel gyms are another great resource. When booking your hotel make sure they have gym access or even an indoor pool if you are a swimmer. I have also stayed at smaller hotels that may not have their own gym but have arranged access for their guests to use local gyms. If you belong to a national gym chain in your area, find out if you will be able to use their gyms in other cities even if there is a small fee. Use Phone Apps such as Daily Burn and 30 Day Fitness Challenges to work out in your hotel room. Also, consider getting a Fitbit which you wear somewhere on your body. It tracks your daily steps and stairs climbed. Set a target to complete daily. The Health App on Iphones also tracks your steps and miles every day.

3) Accommodations.

Where you stay can have a great impact on your eating and exercise habits. If you rent an apartment or condo through sites such as Home Away or Airbnb that includes a kitchen, this can cut down on your caloric intake. Instead of eating out for every meal you have the option to go grocery shopping and prepare your own fresh and healthy meals. Even having a refrigerator and microwave in a hotel room will give you better options than being in a regular hotel room. Having a kitchen is also cost effective especially if traveling with younger children or large families. Also, if your apartment or condo rental is in a walkable area and near to bus or metro stations this can help with getting in some exercise. Lastly, before booking ask if the building has any amenities available for your use.

4) Dining out in Restaurants.

In this new technology age there are many Apps that can help you pick restaurants. My favorite is Yelp which tells you what type of cuisine the restaurant has, reviews and pricing. You can search by seafood, delis, supermarkets and just restaurants within a few miles from where you are staying. Look at the pictures of the food and read a few reviews before deciding. You can also check to see if their websites have gluten free or healthy options with calorie counts. I recently discovered the Apps “Find me GF” which lists gluten free restaurants in any area and also the “Two Grand: #1 Healthy Eating” which is a food journal App to help you keep track of your eats and stay healthy.

While dining at restaurants make wise choices. If sides are offered pick the salad over the fries. If you are having a sandwich remove the top or bottom bun. Pick lean grilled fish or meats that are not covered in creamy sauces or fried and limit your pasta intake. For desserts pick non-fat frozen yogurts or sorbets over ice cream. Also, alternate the nights that you have desserts to save on fat and calories!

5) Drink a lot of Water!

This is the simplest and easiest tip for staying healthy and fit while traveling! Drink a large glass before you start eating your meal and after your meal before dessert. Water will not only make you feel full but will keep you hydrated in hotter climates. Avoid or limit soda or alcohol drinks choosing water instead. You may know alcohol is empty calories with no nutritional value. If you do decide to splurge consider one glass vs. two and ask for skinny girl options! 🙂



Tell us the ways you stay fit & healthy while traveling! Do you use any of the ideas listed above?

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  1. Love this list! I, too, like utilizing a kitchen for breakfast (or at least one meal a day) to stay a bit healthier. And water is hands down the most important!

  2. I need to read this post before my next trip as a reminder. There’s nothing more frustrating than coming back from a trip with souvenir poundage! Restricting my breakfasts is a huge help in managing my overall calories when traveling. Limiting treats to a few bites is another great tip. Thanks for sharing!

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