Seat Covers: The Perfect Way To Save Yourself From Gross Airplane Seats

I have been using seat covers for years now, and I don’t see that stopping any time soon. According to USA Today, the headrest is one of the nastiest spots on a plane. Seat covers are simply the best way to protect my whole body from nasty airplane seats that are literally never cleaned. How?

Seat Covers Are Dope

Why are seat covers so dope and essential for your trip? Because that airplane seat you will be sitting on is never cleaned. Occasionally they are cleaned by passengers like me who carry disinfectant wipes on them and wipe down the seat. That is about the only time a seat will be cleaned. And what about cloth seats? How do you clean those?

You don’t. No one does.

This is why NiceSeats are essential. They are a chic and easy way to keep you protected while you are headed to your fabulous destination.


seat covers

Why Seat Protectors Are Important

Seat protectors are a barrier between you and the germs. Planes are flown daily and think about all of the people that have been sitting in the seat you are sitting in. Everyone has a different concept of what cleanliness is. Let’s not even talk about the people that continually pass gas, pick their noses, and sweat in the seat.

Having something that keeps your clothes and your skin from absorbing all of these unwanted germs is necessary.

Find out how often planes are really cleaned

Also, what about people who have allergies? Having a peanut allergy is one of the most common allergies around. What if the person who sat in the seat before you was eating peanuts? Using a seat protector can help you have peace of mind, and isn’t that what everyone wants when they are traveling?

I prefer to use NiceSeats, and have about 6 or 7 different kinds. It’s like a beautiful fitted sheet for your seat and it’s simple to use. It takes me less than a minute to put it on my seat, and I love how it tucks into the sides of my seat.

I have used them in business class and coach, and have never had any issues putting them on or taking them off.

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Even when I travel with my nieces and nephews, I use NiceSeats. I was totally fine with the kids being messy, because I was able to roll everything up in our Nice Seats and I left our area clean.

When I get home, I shake the dirt off and put them in the wash. They are all washable and store easily inside of themselves. They are practical and easy to use, and truly a travel necessity.

What do you think of NiceSeats? Are you going to take advantage of the 25% discount? Use code TRAVELGURU!


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