How To Prevent Lost Luggage

How To Prevent Lost Luggage

Knowing how to prevent lost luggage is key when you check bags because sometimes bad things happen to good luggage. Case in point, this checked bag that unfortunately got dragged on the tarmac and almost totally shredded.

When I picked this bag up the bag tag was gone and there was no way to identify who this bag belonged to which means there is no way to know where this bag came from or where it was going.

This bag will end up in baggage services and they will try and find the owner but with no identification that will be hard.  So what is one way to stop your bag from being lost if the bag tag comes off? Simple. Put some form of identification inside of your bag. Voila!

It can be a label, a business card, or simply a piece of paper with your contact information. You just need something that baggage services can find in order to contact you. It’s easy and can stop your bag from being lost.

How To Prevent Lost Luggage

Have you ever had your bags completely lost?


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