Architecture in Bratislava

Greetings from Bratislava! Do you know where Bratislava is? It’s the capital of Slovakia which is a country nestled between Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, and Hungary in Eastern Europe. Slovakia was at one time Czechoslovakia (which is now The Czech Republic) and after communism fell Slovakia became its own country. Slovakian and Czech language are very similar and if you speak one you can understand the other. It is easy to get to other countries from Bratislava, Vienna is only an hour a way by car or train!

As you may know, walking around a city is one of the best things for me to do when I travel. I so enjoy walking and looking at all the beautiful buildings and Bratislava has some lovely architecture. I really didn’t know what to expect but I have been pleasantly surprised by all of the beauty that has surrounded me over the past few days. I have posted several pics below for you to see for yourself a bit of what I have been seeing.

Now, please don’t ask me what each building is  because I have no idea. I do know that I took these pics in Old Town Bratislava which is where I spent most of my time since I have been here.  I didn’t edit any of these pictures, I wanted you to see them the way I saw them because what if you decide to travel to Bratislava and I have added color and light to the pics? Then when you get here you would be disappointed and I don’t think that’s fair. So, I hope you enjoy these pics!

What do you think of these buildings? Is this what you expected form Bratislava? Did you know where Bratislava was before you read this post?

Until tomorrow!

Roni Faida

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