Off to Paris…but first I must pack!

So I’m going to Paris for a very quick trip. I’m leaving here today and will arrive Sunday am around 8:30am. I am going because a friend of mine got me a ticket to a very exclusive design and home show so I couldn’t resist flying over (oh the beauty of flight benefits). I’m always surprised when people tell me they check a bag for a quick trip, or they pack tons of stuff. Here is what’s in my bag:

3 shirts, 3 pairs of socks, one pair of jeans (I’m wearing a pair of black leggings), sleepwear, and house slippers The plastic container is for my friend who asked me to bring her chocolate eclairs, and the bubble wrap is to wrap the alcohol a couple of people have asked me to bring back.

TRAVEL TIP: Always buy bubble wrap from home if you think you want to bring alcohol back. I normally wrap my bottles in my clothes but since I am not taking many, I need the wrap and it isn’t always easy to find in a foreign country.

toiletries (all in plastic bags)

Gloves, ear muffs and hats. It’s a little chilly in Paris right now.

Have you used these? They are called hot hands and can be found in any Walmart. They are little packets that once you open the packet, you have small, hot inserts for your gloves. It keeps your hands super warm.

This is my suitcase and this looks like a lot to me. Oh, I put my socks and personables in a small Eagle Creek holder.

This is my purse. I have my books, a few magazines, passport, and my headphones-plus my snacks (carrots, apples, nuts…yum) What do you bring when you travel?

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  1. Believe it or not, I didn't bring one! I'm staying with someone who has a laptop and it has been good. I don't use the computer that much anyway when I'm here, I'm too busy eating! Thanks for reading!

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