Do You Carry Your Computer This Way?

Some of you that follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram know that right now I’m in Accra, Ghana! However, I am having some technical issues with the pictures I took today (I just got here a few hours ago) so I don’t think I’m going to be able to show you anything about Ghana today. But hopefully I will get things under control and be able to show you what I’m experiencing.

Until then, here is something I saw in the airport that I think is a HUGE no no. You should NEVER carry your computer in your backpack this way. NEVER.


I’m sure this woman thinks she has it secured but anyone could come along and snatch it out of her bag. I don’t think she has to worry about that at the airport because there are usually policeman all over the place but even still, there is no reason to bring attention to what you have.

She is carrying a very expensive computer, why let everyone know that? That is asking for trouble so please, don’t do this when you travel. Keep your computer inside of your carry on or backpack, it’s much safer that way.

Image 16


I’m so sorry I can’t share my pics from today with you but I will set the scene.  It’s now a little past 8pm, I”m in Accra and it’s hot. So hot that I have on a strapless jumpsuit and I would go upstairs and get into my bathing suit and get in the pool except my tiredness is starting to kick in and I think I have to go to sleep.

I’m sitting on the side of a pool with cascading waterfalls and the sounds of 70’s soul music is on the sound system. The music is not too loud where you can’t talk but loud enough where you can bob your head to the music if you so choose.

There is a table of Italian gentlemen to the left of me, a young African man sitting in front of me, an English and an African man sitting to my right and several African men and women sitting around at the tables. Everyone has some gadget, I see lots of iPhones and iPads.


Well, I’m beat and it’s time to go to sleep. Soon I will have my FB Fan Page so when you see the like button, I would so appreciate it if you would like it! I will have lots of daily interaction with questions, pictures, travel trivia and lots of fun and interesting things, I would love for you to interact with me on the fan page since on the blog it’s just me talking to you.  Wherever you are in the world please be safe and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!


How do you carry your computer when you travel?

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  1. That is crazy! Why on earth would someone do that? When I was in China recently, another hotel guest reported that someone had stolen her ipad from her backpack while she was walking around the city. I wonder if this is how she was carrying it?

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