Luggage Stickers From Around The World Help Your Bag Stand Out!

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luggage stickers from around the world

I wish I could say I came up with this idea but I can’t. I saw this checked bag when I was working and thought that using luggage stickers from around the world was such a clever way to decorate luggage. I have seen all kinds of travel stickers but this is by far the best. This passenger has taken all of the stickers from his travels and put it on his bag. If you scroll down you will be able to see his bag tags from different airlines, his tags from different hotels, and it seems like any travel sticker he has ever come across in his life is on his bag. This is so smart!

I swear, everyone carries a black piece of luggage ( I don’t really understand what that’s about).  This passenger has been extremely clever because even though this bag is black, there is no way this bag is not going to be recognizable when it comes on the carrousel or if this checked bag gets lost all he has to say is, “It’s filled with stickers.” So if you travel often, instead of throwing away those annoying stickers you get from the airlines and hotels, use them to decorate your luggage!

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How do you rate this, tacky or inventive? Do you label your luggage when you travel?

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    1. I really wish I had thought about this years ago! I have had so many stickers in my travels, my bag could have so many now!

  1. I assume no-one here is aware that the barcodes are scanned as they go through thousands of electrinic readers behind closed doors on miles & miles of conveyors ?

    That bag could end up absolutely ANYWHERE… but hell it looks good to boast with. I guess thats more important to the user than having your clothes arrive with you.

    1. Actually no, the barcode on the bag tag is the only one that is scanned and that is always on the handle of the suitcase. And the scanners at the airport only scan the barcodes they are programmed to scan, they don’t scan random barcodes. Thanks for commenting!

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