Ocean At Venice Beach


Most people make Venice Beach one of their stops when they visit Los Angeles because it’s a well known tourist spot. However, many people never get to see the actual beach part, they just walk along the boardwalk and miss out on one of the prettiest beaches along the coast.


The Pacific Ocean along this stretch of the coast can be a bit cold but thankfully it’s normally warm outside so the chilly water probably won’t bother you that much. There is ample parking (you have to pay in the lot) or you can park along the street for free but make sure you look at the signs as it can sometimes be a bit confusing as to when you can and can’t park.

You can sit on the rocks but be careful as the waves are strong and crash often.  After seeing all of the action on the Boardwalk in Venice Beach it is nice to take a little break and enjoy the serenity of the beach.




Have you been to Venice Beach? Have you been to any beach lately? 

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