5 Motion Sickness Cures For A Smooth Boat Ride


On a trip to Cabo San Lucas my friends and I went on a boat ride, which was great. However, my friend’s son, Jordan, didn’t have such a wonderful time at first and he wasn’t the only one. There were several children on board that got sick and because I saw how much pain they were in, I realized there are 5 motion sickness cures needed for a smooth boat ride.

5 motion sickness cures for a smooth boat ride

  1. Saltine crackers
  2. 7-up/Ginger Ale
  3. Napkins
  4. Travel pillow
  5. Nausea meds
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1. Crackers

  • Saltine crackers help ease a queasy stomach and they are very cheap to buy. You can bring these from home if you know you will be on a boat ride. It is much better to pack these with you ahead of time so that you can ensure your family will have what they need at a moments notice.

2. 7-up/Ginger Ale

  • If you drink one of these while eating crackers it really helps make your stomach feel better. I’m no doctor but I have learned a few things from my mom who is an amazing nurse.

3. Napkins

  • I saw a several parents scurrying trying to find napkins as they were not readily available on the boat. Keep some with you along with some wet wipes in case you need to clean up any mess.

4. Travel Pillow

5. Nausea Medicine

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Once Jordan got a little bit of 7-up in him he was fine and started having a great time. Even if no one in your family gets sick, it’s a good idea to have these items with you because it’s better to have them and not need them, don’t you think?

Jonathan Smith

BONUS TIP: Get yourself some motion sickness bands. These are perfect for cruises or if you know ahead of time you will be on a boat for any length of time.



Have you taken a boat ride while on vacation? Do you get nauseous? 

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