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I was given a complementary bike tour yet I was not asked to write a blog post.  Therefore I was in no way told what to say, what to photograph or what to highlight. All opinions are my own. 


 Have you ever taken a bike ride around a city? Thanks to Travelncycle I was able to take an extensive bike tour of Athens. The best part about riding a bike around town is you get to see so many different neighborhoods that you would never even know about.

 Our tour started near The Acropolis and our guide would stop every so often to give us helpful information about the things we were seeing.  Did you know there are no straight lines in the Acropolis? I didn’t either until my tour.

Each tour can be customized to your specific likes and wants so your tour can start where you want. The crew can even come to your hotel and pick you up, they are there for your convenience!



See this little boy’s eyes? He was walking with his sisters in a cool neighborhood we were riding through and I asked if I could take his picture. Well, my guide asked him in Greek if I could and he said yes. He had amazing eyes that were so bright! The guides on Travelncycle are more than just there to tell you what you’re looking at, they help you become a part of the neighborhood you are riding through.



 If you are in Athens and see this street art it’s from the same artist. He’s an underground artist and these paintings represent his ex-girlfriend. Apparently he painted tons of them around the city in a variety of shapes and sizes and he did all of them after they broke up.


You know how much I love street art so this bike tour was perfect! We got to ride through areas filled with amazing art. I could barely take it all in!





One of the highlights of the trip was this fish market that I didn’t even know existed. It was filled with seafood of all varieties, shapes, and sizes.  We were led through the whole thing by our guides and were able to see daily life in Athens that normally would not be accessible to tourists. The market is free to enter but it’s one of those places that you have to know where it is to be able to benefit from it.






 We were also able to see the Changing of the Guard which was pretty cool. The soldiers that are picked to do this go through rigorous training. They have to be 1.86 meters tall in order to qualify and the soldiers are rotated every hour. It’s quite a ceremony and worth seeing if you’re in Athens.


There is a lovely park in the middle of the Athens. An oasis in the middle of a bustling city.



After a while we stopped for light snacks and a few drinks. Travelncycle really know how to take care of their riders! If you book a tour with them you can decide what type of food you want to eat and they will find the place for you. And this isn’t only possible in Athens, they do tours all around Greece. We ended out tour in Karameio Restaurant in Athens, a magnificent spot with the coolest interior!




 If you are heading to Greece, don’t hesitate to make a reservation and get your customized bike tour. It will be an excellent way to spend your day!

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