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When I was in Vietnam I stayed with one of my girlfriends and her daughter in their high rise apartment building in Hanoi but about 40 minutes from the city center. It was extremely beautiful. However, I wanted to spend some time in the middle of the city and have a night of luxury so I made a reservation on the Executive Level for the 3 of us of the Hilton Hanoi in Vietnam. It was lush!

One of the perks of having Executive Level was we had a private check-in on an upper floor (where we were served juice!), and we were able to sit down while we were checking in. It made the check-in process easy and pleasant. Our room was spacious and luminous with all the amenities I needed!

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There were 3 of us sharing a room and we had plenty of space. Because we had Executive Level access we were able to utilize the lounge at our leisure.  I recommend getting Executive Level if you are sharing a room with a few people. Having somewhere to go to relax or if you just need a little time away from your family and/or friends is sometimes a necessity (not that I needed time away from my friends!).

Don’t get me wrong, the room was extremely comfy. The room had a desk, a big bed (the three of us shared a bed and we were all comfy) and the bathroom was AMAZING! The bathtub was so big and the shower was elegant and the bathroom had all the amenities I forgot at my friends apartment.


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The pool was one of my favorite parts, it was magnificent. No need to worry about bringing your towel because there are towels on each chair. It was hot in Hanoi so being able to cool off in the water was invigorating. I wasn’t hungry (I ate in the Executive Lounge) but a server quickly came over to see if I needed anything. The customer service at this hotel was excellent in every department.




 There are so many charming areas in this hotel you may have a hard time leaving the property. Even if you don’t get Executive Level access there are plenty of restaurants and public areas where you can sit and relax. They even have outside seating! Check out the columns in the lobby! 


One of the perks of Executive Level was having access to the Executive lounge. We were served breakfast as well as snacks throughout the day, wine (y’all know I enjoyed the wine!) and happy hour snacks. Basically enough food to make a greedy girl like me happy. The food was flavorful and seasoned and not some random junk that no one wanted that wouldn’t fill the belly or please the taste-buds of anyone. The food was quality. 



If you will be spending any time in Hanoi, make sure to spend a few days at the Hilton, you won’t be disappointed!


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