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While I was in Vietnam we (my friend Kia, her daughter and I) went to Hoi An which was les than a two hour place ride from Hanoi (I’ll explain how I got the plane tickets in an upcoming blog post). I knew it was possible to get clothes made in Vietnam but instead of clothes I decided to get a couple of coats made and how happy I am that I did!

I went to BeBe and I was completely satisfied with their customer service and the end results. When we went in they offered us water and gave us tons of books to look through in order to decide what we wanted. Once a style was chosen one of the sales girls started sketching.


Once I decided on the coat style they took my measurements. I had them make it a bit bigger because it gets cold in Charlotte and I knew I would have to put thicker shirts and sweaters underneath.


 I ordered my coat on a Thursday in the morning and I went back on Friday around 2pm to try on the sample. The picture below there are no buttons sewn on yet as they want to make sure everything is fine with the fit before they continue.


And here it is! My coats! I LOVE them and they fit perfectly. I even have pockets on both coats!



Each coat is fully lined. That shirt is from my design, you can get it (any many more) here.




So how much do you think these cost? I gave them a deposit of $50 cash (in American dollars) and when I came back I paid the balance on my debit card. The total cost of both tailored coats was…wait for it…$173.60.


YAAAASSS!!! You can barely get 1 good coat for that price, let alone 2 custom tailored coats! I am so happy with them and the whole process, it was so easy and they both are so well made.  I dealt with Queen, she was lovely.


BeBe * 09-11 Hoang Dieu St * Hoi An * Vietnam

Tel: 0510.22112670

Email: bebetailorhoian@gmail.com * www.bebeetailor.com


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