Sunset Over The Pacific Ocean From Venice, California

Hi all! So sorry I haven’t posted for a couple of days. I arrived in Los Angeles on Monday and hit the ground running! On Monday night I was invited to an event at the Hotel Erwin in Venice hosted by Visit Oakland.

 Have you heard of Oakland? It’s right next to San Francisco, about 20 miles away. I don’t think most people even think of Oakland as a place to visit but did you know hotel rooms are cheaper in Oakland than in San Francisco? If you stay in Oakland, you still have easy access to San Francisco by taking BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), and if you decide to spend more time in Oakland there are tons of upscale restaurants to delight your pallet.

Plus, there is an airport in Oakland which is so much easier to fly in and out of because there is less traffic. Anyway, the next time I’m in the Bay Area I will make a point of going to Oakland so I can share with you some of the interesting things there are to see there, okay?


I took these pictures from the rooftop of Hotel Erwin and they are untouched. I don’t think they need any filters because the sunsetting over the Pacific Ocean doesn’t need any help. Anyone can have dinner and/or drinks on the rooftop, you don’t need to be invited to an event to do that so if you are in or around Venice, you won’t want to miss the views.


Have you been to Oakland? Have you visited Venice, California?



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