House Boats In Halong Bay, Vietnam

Vietnam 986

I was amazed at the way this Vietnamese woman was rowing her boat. I took this in Halong Bay on my luxury cruise (of course I’ll be blogging about that soon!). There were several tourist ships in the Bay and the women who lived on the water (yep, there are people that live on the water and it’s all kinds of awesome…keep scrolling) take advantage of the tourists and sell as much as they can.

I am always impressed at the ingenuity of the people I come across when I visit different countries. So many people don’t let their situations define them but find ways to make things work in the situation they are in.

Vietnam 901

There are several cluster pockets of homes in Halong Bay, these are just a few I saw while in my canoe. Yes, I was rowing a canoe!

Vietnam 841

Vietnam 996


Vietnam 977

Vietnam 930

Vietnam 890


Vietnam 884

Seeing how other people live always makes me appreciate even more the way I’m able to live. Travel isn’t only about seeing monuments or eating in fancy restaurants, it’s letting yourself truly see your surroundings which can help you deepen your sense of gratitude and your depth of awareness of others.

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