Do You Think This Is A Good Wallet For Traveling?

Before I start this post I want you to know that I have absolutely nothing agains Michael Kohrs. I think he is a fabulous designer and this post is nothing against the things he creates. I just don’t think this wallet is great for traveling because if you lose it or it gets stolen and you need help, you have lost your phone, your money, and your credit cards all at the same time and you will have no idea who to call.

This wallet was found on the tarmac at the airport where I work, an employee dropped it and another employee stopped and picked it up. The wallet was returned and my colleague was very happy that she got her wallet and phone back but it got me to thinking about the types of wallets people take while on vacation. In my opinion, this would not be an appropriate one because it is an all-in-one wallet which is convenient but not a good idea when you travel.


 Again, let me re-state, I have nothing against Michael Kors. I think this is a cute wallet but just not what you should be taking on vacation. I would recommend having your phone separate from your money. At least that way if your wallet gets stolen, you can immediately call and have your cards canceled and start the process of getting your cards re-issued. In fact, maybe it would be a good idea to have your credit card 800 numbers in your phone so in case your wallet is stolen, you don’t have to hunt to find the numbers.


Do you carry a special wallet when you travel? Have you ever had your wallet stolen while on vacation?

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