Covered Dining In Bratislava, Slovakia


When I was in Bratislava I was walking down the street and saw these restaurants. I had never seen restaurants like this and I love the way they are outside but not outside. Can you see what I mean? While I was in Bratislava the weather was nice, it wasn’t super cold but it does snow quite a bit in the winter so I am assuming (even though I know what assuming does) that these restaurants are made this way so people can still get a taste of being outdoors in the winter but not be subjected to the cold.


There were people sitting and eating in each cafe so I couldn’t get any closer because that would be weird. Can you imagine eating and then some stranger comes up to the window and starts taking pictures? Can you say awkward?




I guess these are just covered patios but something about these just struck me differently than anything else I have seen.  What about you?


When you eat in a restaurant do you tend to sit on the patio or inside? If it’s cold outside do you still prefer the patio?


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