Why I'm Taking A Small Break From Blogging

I’m sitting in my father’s hospital room as I type this, he was admitted last night. He’s sleeping comfortably and I’m grateful for that. I arrived in Los Angeles this morning and will be here for a few days, making sure my dad is ok. I wanted you to know that I wouldn’t be blogging for a little while as I have to focus on my dad and I can’t even think about giving travel tips or talking about traveling because I just want to help take care of my dad.

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the fact that you take the time to read my blog, and as soon as I’m comfortable with how my dad is feeling, I will get right back to blogging. Please don’t forget about me! I should be long, maybe a week but since I try and blog everyday I didn’t want you to not know what was going on with me. And if you are a believer in prayer, my dad’s name is Ronald and all prayers are welcomed.

Thank you and I’ll be back soon.  

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