minute suites phl

Minute Suites PHL Is The Best Place For Your Overnight Layover!

minute suites phl

Minute Suites was kind enough to allow me to stay at their location in exchange for this blog post. They also expect me to express myself in my own words, so no need to think I am saying what they want me to say, ok?

Have you ever had a long layover and no place to lay your head? One of the reasons I prefer to have a long layover in Philadelphia is because of Minute Suites PHL. PHL is the airport code for Philadelphia and will be used in this post.

Minute Suites PHL is an absolute gem in an oasis of chaos. Traveling is wonderful, but sometimes the things we have to do in order to get to our desired location is for the birds. This is why Minute Suites PHL is fantastic.

I don’t normally wear bonnets when I’m traveling, but since I have my own space in Minute Suites, I can put my bonnet on my head and sleep in peace! Get your XL bonnet here 

Minute Suites PHL Is A Dope Option

It’s best to reserve your spot because they just may be full. However, reservations are not necessary. When you enter Minute Suites in Philadelphia, you are greeted by friendly staff member. Their attention to excellent customer service makes you feel at home with their warm welcome. You are then escorted to your suite where you are free to just relax.

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Minute Suites Philadelphia Airport

Why Minute Suites? Minute Suites in the Philadelphia airport is the only option after security to spend the night comfortably and get a good night’s rest. I had an 6 hour layover from 11pm to 7am. I couldn’t justify the expense and hassle of a hotel for just a few hours.

Plus, by the time I used Uber or the hotel shuttle, it would basically give me jut a few hours to get some semblance of sleep before I had to be back at the airport and check in for my flight.

minute suites phl

This is where Minute Suites comes in. Being able to have your own private room at the airport is wonderful. Add high speed internet, a comfy couch, a flat screen TV with direct TV and snacks at your disposal, and it’s perfection. Snacks are not included with your room but you can pay for the ones you would like.

How Do You Spend A long Layover?

I love a lounge. However in PHL airport, the lounges are closed by 11pm. Therefore, if you have an early flight, you have no choice but to either wait in the airport or get a hotel. But, if you get a room with Minute Suites, you can spend your long layover in peace.

With your suite rental, you get pillows and a blanket. If you are like me and get hot flashes, they even have fans you can use. No need to be killed by the heat making your body sweat.

The pillows have covers so you don’t have to worry if the person before you blew their nose and wiped it on the cover. GROSS. I usually carry my own pillow like this one from Amazon. 

minute suites phl

I didn’t have my pillow with me on this trip, but I didn’t care cause I know I was given a new pillowcase to lay on.

Layover in Philadelphia

When you have a layover in Philadelphia your Priority Pass will come in handy.  One of your benefits of membership is you get one free hour at Minute Suites PHL. Are you a breastfeeding mother? You can feed your baby in privacy at Minute Suites PHL. Aren’t those dope perks?

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What do you do when you have an overnight layover?

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