5 Reasons to Take a River Cruise with Scenic Cruises

If you’re anything like me, you like breaking stereotypes. When I say to you, “Hey! have you thought about a river cruise in Europe?” what immediately comes to your mind? Go ahead, be honest. Well, I’m going to assume you thought the same thing I did…snoozefest. But Scenic Cruises breaks all cruise related stereotypes, read 5 ways they do this below.




1. All luxuries are included

Yep, you read correctly. ALL. LUXURIES. INCLUDED. What does that mean, exactly? For starters, you get your own personal butler. Have you had one of those before? Don’t you hate it when you go on a cruise and then you have to pay additional fees for excursions, activities, tipping, and transportation to and from the airport? With Scenic Cruises that is considered part of the package so you basically don’t pay anything else except for spa, hair salon, satellite phone and laundry.




2. Amazing Personalized Service

Have you ever gone somewhere, paid good money for the trip and were a bit put off by the lack of customer service? That isn’t an issue with Scenic Cruises as each employee considers it their privilege to see to your needs while on board. When you combine the outstanding service with all of the luxuries onboard, you will feel like royalty.



3. Unlimited Beverages and Fine Dining

Now this is the part you know I love the most. Scenic Cruises will give you quality regional wine when you request a glass! You can have wine, beer, or soft drinks if you prefer. On board every night you are served a four course meal and while visiting different countries you have regional cuisine to choose from.




4. You shouldn’t feel claustrophobic in the cabins

I went on one cruise where I could literally stand in the middle of the cabin and touch both walls. That won’t happen on a Scenic Cruise. They call their cabins “Space-ships”. In these luxury suites you have a queen size bed with…wait for it…a pillow menu! Can you imagine being able to pick the softness of your pillow while looking out of your sliding doors or sitting on your private balcony? Did I fail to mention you get a Mac mini and a flat screen TV in your “space-ship”?






5. Experiences to last you a lifetime

Seeing beautiful buildings is always a highlight when you travel, right? But wouldn’t it be great to have a medieval dining experience inside a 12th century castle, be inside the Palais Liechtenstein and listen to the angelic sounds of Mozart and Strauss, or let the sounds of a classical concert wash over you as you sit in the Rastatt Palace in the Upper Rhine. If the concert isn’t enough don’t worry, you can feast in one of the ballrooms with all of its original grandeur. And yes, this is all included in the price of your cruise.



 Doesn’t Scenic cruises sound wonderful? Go ahead and check them out, you won’t be sorry.

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  1. Food for thought for my next voyage! This looks even more entertaining with the description of service. Great post!

  2. I love the idea of a scenic cruise! I am looking forward to it after reading your article! Oh there are so many options too! I love the fact that I wont get lost driving and walking everywhere. Plus everything you need is on site.

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