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Have you ever ridden Amtrak? I did and LOVED it! I purchased a business class ticket (which I recommend) for my trip from San Diego to Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. While of course I can’t speak for every single train in their fleet I thoroughly enjoyed this trip and here are 10 tips I hope you’ll find helpful!


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1. If you’re getting train from San Diego it’s very easy to get good seat. It’s the start of the line so you get first choice if you don’t buy a reserved seat. However, just because you’re sitting there doesn’t mean someone won’t come along on a later stop and make you move if they have purchased the seat you are occupying.

TIP: The side opposite the San Diego station gets water view along the route.

2. In business class you are given complimentary snacks, wine and water.

The snack pack I was given in business class

3. There are bathrooms on board but be careful as train rocks a bit which may throw you off your balance.

4. If getting on at later stations buy ticket online to guarantee you get the seat you want. This is important because the train gets filled and if you don’t have an assigned seat you will have to hunt for a place to sit.

5. The train has wonderful air conditioning and can get chilly so bring a travel blanket and/or scarf.


6. In business class there is LOTS of legroom.

7. Each window has curtains which means you can always have a lovely view.


8. There is one outlet at every seat.

9. You can buy food on the train if snacks are not enough.

10. You don’t have much time at stops so please don’t get off and think you have enough time to hop back on.


What tips would you add to this list?

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