5 Natural Things To Do If You Get Sick On Vacation

Have you ever been on vacation and gotten sick? It has happened to me a few times and besides taking my over the counter medicine, there are at least 5 natural things to do if you get sick on vacation that I have found to be extremely helpful.



Echinacea things you can do if you get sick on vacation

 I was at a friend’s house in England and I wasn’t feeling well.  My throat was starting to hurt, as well as my ears and she pulled out some echinacea drops and told me to take them. I had never seen echinacea drops so I did what she said and I felt better for the rest of the day. I bought my drops while in Dublin as I was unable to find them in Charlotte. These drops are very strong and they work very well for me.





ginger and green onion natural things to do if you get sick on vacation

 This remedy I picked up from my reflexologist. I was starting to get the flu and he told me to slice some fresh ginger, the white ends of green onions, put them in water and bring to boil. Then drink the water as hot as I could stand it while sitting in a bathtub. The purpose is to make you sweat out as many toxins as possible. If you don’t have a tub you can also drink it then stand in the shower and let the hot water hit the back of your neck.  These are ingredients you can find almost anywhere in the world, but you may have to find the local word for ginger and onions if you are in a country where English isn’t the native language.




vapor rub and socks things you can do if you get sick on vacation

You know vapor rub is used for your chest, but did you know you could use it for the bottom of your feet? It may sound crazy but trust me, it works. You take some vapor rub and slather a bunch of it on the bottom of your feet then cover with socks. This draws out impurities from your body as every organ in your body is in the bottom of your foot (did you know that?) It works, try it.



hot toddy natural things you can do if you get sick on vacation

Now some of you may question my use of whiskey as a natural remedy but whatever you want to call it, a hot toddy works and works well. You cut up lemons, add honey (I like lots of honey), whiskey, and hot water and you have your toddy. I boil the water in the mug I’m going to drink from, as the mug retains the heat and helps keep the drink hot (I got that tip from my mom. Don’t they seem to know everything?).  Make sure to add plenty of whiskey, don’t be stingy with it. I was in London on tour and I started feeling badly and I asked the bartender at my hotel if he would make me one of these (because no matter how badly you feel, there are no sick days when you are a Tour Manager). Boy oh boy, did he ever.  I drank two and felt so much better then next morning.




Sweet oil, natural things you can do if you get sick on vacation


Usually when I start feeling under the weather my ears start to hurt. One thing I do is put sweet oil in my ears and I find that really helps. I heat up the oil, by either boiling some water then putting the whole bottle of sweet oil in the water, or pouring out a small amount and heating that up.  I put a small amount on a teaspoon then pour into my ears. I keep my head tilted for a moment then add cotton balls in my ears to keep the oil from running out. Are you getting a visual of what I look like when I’m ill? Vapor rub on my feet, ginger and onion on my breath, cotton in my ears, and a voice that would make Barry White sound like Elmo. Yeah, I’m a beauty.


Do you have any natural remedies that work for you? What do you do when you get sick on vacation?

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  1. Well, I always take immodium with me every time I go abroad. It helps me with digestive problems, caused by food (especially Thai food). I have not tried home remedies before but will definitely give your remedies a try if I get sick on my vacation!

    1. I always have immodium as well, you can’t go wrong with that. I find the natural remedies to work well for me, thanks for reading and please come back!

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