Guess Who Wrote A Book About Paris? I Did!

Paris guide book
My first book!

You guys! I’m so excited. I wrote a book about Paris! Paris is like my second home and I made sure that this book has enough vital information you need in order to feel comfortable navigating the city by yourself. I have tips, pictures, and practical info arranged in such a way that it’s easy to read.

Right now the soft cover is only available but the e-book will be available as soon as we can get all of the bugs out. One of the perks of having such diligent people on my team is that they don’t let me do anything unless it’s the best it can be! I’d appreciate your support and feedback as this is the first edition, I will be updating it as time goes on. And if you feel like sharing this on social media I would be so grateful! Click here for the link, you can get it on Amazon and it qualifies for Prime!

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