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Your Medication Does Not Belong In Your Checked Bag

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I found this bottle of medication when I was loading a cart with bags. The medication had fallen out of someone’s bag and I had no idea which bag it came out of. I took the medication to the office and we tried to find the passenger by looking up her name but to no avail.  This medicine was for epilepsy and it made me really sad to think that someone would get to their destination and not have the meds they need to help them.

How could this have all been prevented? This medication had to have been on the outside of someone’s checked bag. I have written before about how bad it is to put your medication in your bag and how you should never put things that are vital to your life in your side pockets. This is a perfect example of what I am talking about and I hope this never happens to you.

Please, please, PLEASE don’t pack your medication in your checked bag or in the side pocket of your checked bag. Keep it with you at all times when you travel. That is the only way you can guarantee you will have what you need when you need it.


Have you ever had anything lost when you’ve checked a bag? Have you ever put your medication in your checked bag?


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  1. I never put anything important in my checked bags. Once when our whole family was traveling together, my niece packed her cash in her checked bag…it was gone when we reached our destination. Poor kid!

  2. I don’t travel much so I really don’t know much about what to pack where. I’ve only flown maybe 4 times my whole life, and I’m pretty sure I put some important things in my checkin bag. Thanks for this post! You may have saved me some big problems one day!

  3. Oh no. That just seems like a terrible idea. I hope that woman was able to get an emergency refill. I can’t say I’ve ever had anything lost in my travels. Which is a blessing because I travel pretty frequently.

    1. I see it all the time and I HATE it when this happens! I wish I could walk around with a sign when people are checking their bags, “TAKE OUT YOUR MEDICINE!”

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