Sleeping In An Airport


Have you ever had to sleep in an airport? I don’t mean in a hotel, I mean in the actual airport. I have had to do it a couple of times and it’s not the best way to spend a night, but sometimes it’s necessary. The last time I did it was a couple of years ago when my nieces were living with me. We were on our way back from Los Angeles and had to fly into Dallas.

Our flight to Charlotte wasn’t until early the next morning which wasn’t enough time to justify getting a hotel room, but it was enough time where we wanted to rest for a few hours. I am not one to sleep on the floor, that just doesn’t appeal to me at all so we found some chairs (there were several clusters of chairs at DFW airport) and made ourselves a little sleeping area.

The airport also had a supply of cots and blankets so we got one of those for my niece Charlotte to sleep on. When I travel, there are things I think are essential to keep with me. They are:

  1. travel blanket

  2. magazines/reading material

  3. drinks/snacks

  4. electronics

  5. travel pillow (not pictured)


Having these items with me makes it much easier if things don’t go necessarily as planned. And since I almost always only travel with a carry-on bag, it it very easy to keep all of the necessities with me. This way, when plans don’t go the way they were supposed to I am prepared. Spending the night in an airport is never part of my plan, but since I fly stand-by I have to be ready for anything.

I love these next three pics cause they show Charlotte’s progression of comfortableness. Isn’t she adorable?




The next two pictures are of Elisheva. See how she put two chair together to make her bed? Isn’t that better than sleeping on a floor? Had I been alone I would have put my carry-on bag between the two chairs which would have kept my things safe.



Even when things don’t go as planned, you can make a situation tolerable if you are prepared. Do you travel with a blanket and/or pillow? They also come in handy on the flight.  Click here for a travel blanket that I think is really soft and cozy (that’s an affiliate link which means I get a small commission if you buy it).


Have you had to sleep in an airport? 

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