Throwback Thursday – Venice Beach

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I was 25 in this picture. The year? Is that really important? But seriously, it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago but boy oh boy, this was a while ago.  When I look at this picture I remember this day vividly. I had friends in town visiting from New Zealand and I was showing them around Los Angeles. We stopped at Venice Beach and one of them snapped this picture of me.

I remember that dress, those shoes, and that purse! I remember walking around with my friends, I remember the sights and the sounds from that day. Do you see that dress? At the time I didn’t think it was that short, but now this dress is a bit shorter than I would feel comfortable wearing. I try and be modest and this wouldn’t work for me now. It’s funny how you can look at a picture and it brings you back to a different time. I was happy, this was a few months before I moved to Spain so I was filled with excitement.

Have you been to Venice Beach? It’s one of those places tourists like to go when they visit Los Angeles but even though it’s touristy it’s still a cool place to visit. Next time I go home to Cali I’ll go and take some pictures for you, ok? Anyway, just another glimpse into my life leading up to becoming The Travel Guru.

Do you look at old pictures? Do they bring up happy memories?

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  1. I love old pics and I look at them often. I like to think back to certain moments like vacations, milestones, etc. I think it’s good to stroll down memory lane thru pics every once in a while. I’d love to go to Venice. I’ve been to Cali but never Venice. Nice pic!


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