The grounds of Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka

Templeberg Villa Sri Lanka

Have you ever stayed somewhere you felt so comfortable and at home, you never wanted to leave? I can honestly say I have never had that experience until my stay at Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka.  My stay at the villas was short, I was only able to be there for 3 days but it was the most relaxing 3 days I have had in a long time.

Beautiful surroundings and loving staff made Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka such a treat. I was picked up from the airport by a personal driver that the staff arranged at about 5 am. The villa is a few hours from the airport so I highly recommend letting them arrange transportation for you.

When I woke up, we were at the villa. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The villa was so green and lush! I arrived at around 8 am, much earlier than check-in but the staff was so accommodating. They let me check in, offered me breakfast and let me relax.

The villa is very large but there aren’t tons of rooms. It’s an intimate location with lots of places to relax. All around the property you can sit, lounge, and chill. The first day I was there I didn’t do anything at all except try out different places around the villa to relax.



While I was in Sri Lanka it was very hot. Humid hot. Extremely hot. So having so many places to relax was such a treat. There was air conditioning in my room but lounging in my room was the last place I wanted to be. Not because my room wasn’t lovely, it was. It was actually amazingly beautiful but the villa is so inviting that the thought of staying in my room didn’t appeal to me at all.

Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka – My Room

Here are pics of my room. I had a big bed with beautiful netting around it which was practical and pretty. There are insects (but you’re in a tropical setting so no surprise there) so the netting protects you at night. One thing I did when I arrived at the villa was to spray my bed and the netting with Permethrin. I highly recommend buying Permethrin if you are heading to India or Sri Lanka. Since I sprayed my bedding and my clothes with Permethrin, I didn’t have any issues with getting bit.

2015-03-09 21.37.52

villa guest room bed at Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka

Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka – The Grounds

The villa grounds were magnificent and lush. I love trees and greenery and the villa is filled with both. Being able to sit and enjoy nature with a nice cup of tea or coffee (that one of the staff members always seem to bring at the perfect time) was pure joy.

morning coffee at Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka


Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka grounds


Outside of guest rooms at Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka

relaxing at Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka

Villa Templeburg is expansive yet there aren’t a bunch of rooms. The villa is intimate even though it is so large. It’s a special staff and owner that can make a huge property feel like a small, intimate home. There is so much compassion and kindness in the people that run Villa Templeberg I really felt like I was surrounded by family and not people I had just met a few days before.

buildings at Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka

Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka grounds

Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka – The Food

Normally when I stay somewhere I make sure to venture out and eat at several different restaurants. The meals at the villa were so extraordinary, I only went to two outside restaurants while I was there. Trixy, the chef, was able to feed me in ways I didn’t even know food could be prepared. It was as if she put her love and tenderness into every pan and pot of food!

What was even more surprising to me is that all of the food was completely vegetarian. I didn’t feel as if I was missing anything. In fact, because of the succulent meals I had at the villa, I didn’t eat meat for a while after I returned to the States. The food I had at the villa showed me how delicious food can be without adding any meat to it. She also offers cooking classes (for a fee of course). She teaches you how she shops and prepares the meals at the villa.

One of the meals we had consisted of Jack fruit curry, deep fried aubergine with an Arabian salsa, cream carrots, red rice, dahl, and coconut samba. Have you ever had any of those dishes? I hadn’t and I can’t even tell you how scrumptious everything was. Because there were only a few guests at the villa we ate family style. We all sat and talked for hours, just enjoying each other’s company.

Vegeterian meals at Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka

Family style meals at Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka


The pic below was something Trixy just threw together so I could eat before I left for the airport. Is this beautiful or what?



The abundance of fresh fruit never got tiring, and everything was so sweet! 

Fresh fruit is always on hand at Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka

There is a brand new 25-meter jungle edge infinity pool that you can enjoy at your leisure.  The picture below is the pool that was there when I stayed.

Old pool at Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka, new one is there now


Outdoor seating and hammock at Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka


Fresh, vegeterian food at Templeberg Villa, Sri Lanka

Clearly, the staff is treated well because they have all been there since the villa opened and no one has left. This is truly a wonderful place to stay and if you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka, please allow for a few days (or several) at Templeberg Villa.

Have you had a great experience at a hotel? 

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