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When I was in Athens I wanted to travel leisurely to Santorini and I’m so glad I took Blue Star Ferries. Traveling from Athens to Santorini was easy, here’s how I did it.


Before I arrived in Greece I bought my ticket here but you can book directly with Blue Star Ferries.  I bought a one way ticket because I caught a plane for my return.

NOTE: The departure city if you leave from Athens is Piraeus (took me forever to figure that out!)

You have several choices of where you can sit, it all depends on how much you want to spend and the level of comfort you’d like to experience. I chose an airseat, see those pics below.


I was comfortable but I wouldn’t have minded having a business seat or a cabin. The armrests do not lift so you can’t lay out and relax.  I kept my carry-on bags with me and I was able to put them underneath the seats in front of me.




If you choose an economy seat there are no assigned seats and you have to sit where you can find seating. There are seats inside and out and if you sit outside the wind is strong and can be chilly.






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There are several different places you can sit if you don’t buy an assigned seat but keep in mind of you don’t buy a seat you have to search for a place. There are several options but none of those options are a comfortable cushioned seat.




Sorry this picture is blurry but I wanted you to see how some people sleep. These guys didn’t pay for these seats (I know cause they told me) but they slept in the paid area anyway. That’s up to you if you decide to do that but don’t be surprised if you are asked to leave and find another seat.



The boat is really smooth, I didn’t feel any rocking and I didn’t get seasick. It takes 8 hours to get from Athens to Santorini and I enjoyed the relaxing ride. There is WiFi on board that you have to pay for, the signal is strong and I was able to stay connected throughout the journey.





You don’t go direct to Santorini, you have one stop in Ios before you get to Santorini but hopefully from the pics you can see how lovely the landscape is in Ios.




The boat left fairly early, my departure was at 7am so if you book your boat make sure to double check your time because they may have more than one departure a day.  I arrived in Santorini around 3pm relaxed and ready to enjoy the afternoon.


 What do you think? Does cruising to Santorini seem like

something you’d like to do?




  1. When I was in Greece we flew from Athens to Mykonos then took the ferry from ️Mykonos to Santorini. I believe it was the same carrier but much smaller ferry which was very comfortable and it took about 4 hours also stopping at other scenic Greek islands. I would love to do a cruise of the Greek Isles in the future!

  2. I was very curious about the ferry, thanks for sharing this! When I made the trip I flew in from Vienna and flew out to Athens, so I didn’t get a chance to see what the ferry was like – great to see some pics and get an account.


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