Fine Dining In Downtown Los Angeles


After hopping off the LAX FlyAway bus at Union Station I was hungry and wanted breakfast. I immediately thought of Traxx Restaurant in Union Station.  Since the FlyAway bus drops off at Union Station I had a short walk to my destination. I arrived at around 10:58am and breakfast was over at 11am.

The waiter asked the chef if it was possible for me to still have breakfast and the chef said yes. YIPPEE! And yes that is a glass of wine at 11am. I had a rather trying morning and I needed to calm down. Don’t judge me, ok?


My breakfast was exquisite. I should have written down the name of what I ate, I’m sorry. It was a crab dish with eggs and it was delightful. Really, I ate every bite.  The service was really good and the restaurant was beautiful. If you are ever in Union Station and want to eat, please stop here. It’s worth a drive even if you don’t have plans to be in Union Station.



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