Restaurant Review Wednesday – Uncle Bill's Pancake House

If you are near Manhattan Beach and want a delicious breakfast, you should definitely check out Uncle Bill’s Pancake House. It’s one of those neighborhood places that is filled with friendly locals and wonderful food. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so when find a spot that knows how to do it right, I am an instant fan. The pics below are what my mom and I had when we were there. Both of us cleaned our plates, it was an easy thing to do!

Where you can find this wonderful place!

One of the friendly workers who happily posed for my picture.

See the white chairs sitting outside? Those are the chairs that people have to sit and wait in when the place gets busy. If you go in the morning it will probably be crowded so be ready for that. The good thing is that the beach is about a 3 minute walk from here so you can always take a small stroll to pass the time. We walked around after breakfast and that’s how I stumbled upon the mansion, who knows what you may find?


Are you a big breakfast fan? What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

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